Heading to the bridal shop to try on dresses is typically an exciting experience, but it can also create some stress when it comes to finding that perfect design for you. One trick you can use to take some of the pressure off is to plan for multiple trips to the bridal shop so you're not disappointed if the right dress isn't found the first time. Here are a few other things you can do to help make your trip to the bridal shop a little less stressful so you can focus on the positive aspects:

Provide Photos

While they don't have to represent the exact dress that you're looking for, using photos to express your preferences to the customer service representative will help ensure that you gain access to the designs that will actually impress you. Look through bridal magazines, catalogs, and photos on the Internet and make copies or print out the ones that feature the waist and neck lines, train length and style, as well as other features that you're attracted to so you can bring them with you to the bridal shop.

Show them to the person helping you choose gowns, and they'll be more likely to choose personalized options from the back. It's helpful to make a list of design specifics that are important to you so nothing important is overlooked when you're choosing dresses to try on.

Bring Friends

Bringing a couple of friends along with you to the bridal shop will make trying on wedding gowns more enjoyable and less intimidating overall. Heading to a bar and grill for lunch and a drink before shopping will take the edge off of minimize the time you spend worrying about whether or not you will be able to find your dream dress during the shopping trip. Your friends can take pictures of the dresses you try on as well as offer insights and suggestions that you wouldn't get otherwise.  

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment to work with a personal assistant before heading to shop at the bridal store will ensure that you aren't crowded out by other shoppers, and may even score you a special room to settle into while you work with your assistant and try dresses on in private. You should be able to fax over photos and written details that provide insight into the types of dresses you're looking for so a few are ready to be tried on as soon as you show up.

These tips and tricks are easy to implement without taking up too much of your precious preparation time, and will help ensure your success in finding the perfectly flowing gown for your big day. Contact a local shop, like Bridal Elegance, for more ideas.